We never imagined when we first embarked on making our first bodhrán drum as a school GCSE project for Adam that our instruments would be played by both enthusiasts and professionals all over the world. Unfortunately, Adam had to make a carriage clock like everyone else for his GCSE, but we carried on regardless.
Having made our first drum, we began to receive orders from local bodhrán players for something similar and what followed was about five years of experimenting with different sizes, styles, colours, veneers etc. During this time it became obvious that we needed to concentrate on ‘one’ high quality product and we have now settled on the instrument we produce today, our R and A Brown ‘signature’ bodhrán.
Currently, our signature bodhrán is only available direct from ourselves through this website or through personal contact with us at trade exhibitions, folk festivals etc. It is fair to say, most of our enquiries are generated from players seeing and speaking to Adam Brown at his various concerts. Please feel free to say hello.
Along the way, we have received comments and suggestion from many people, but we would particularly like to say a big thank you to Dave Cooke (Cookie) for his help, advice, guidance and friendship from the start.

Roger & Adam Brown